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08/15/1771 Scott was born on August 15, 1771, in Edinburgh as the son of a solicitor Walter Scott and Anne, a daughter of professor of medicine

Approx 1773 Polio attack leaves the young Scott with a limp.

1773 Lives with his grand-parents at Sandy Knowe, Kelso.

Approx 1775 Visits London and Bath with his aunt, Janet Scott.

1776 Returns to family home in George Square.

1778 Sent to the Royal High School in Edinburgh.

1785 Studies Latin, Greek and Logic at Edinburgh University.

1786 Serious illness strikes - convalesces at Kelso. Apprenticed to his father`s firm of solicitors.

1789 Attends Law classes. Finishes in 92

1792 Called to the Scottish Bar as an Advocate.

1792 Falls in love with Williamina Belsches.

1795 Appointed as Curator of the Advocates` Library.

1796 Loses Williamina Belsches, who marries Sir William Forbes.

1796 Translates The Chase and William and Helen from German by Burger.

1797 Meets Charlotte Charpentier in the Lake District and marries her in the same year.

1799 Appointed Sheriff of Selkirkshire.

1799 Death of his father.

1800 Translates Goetz of Belichingen from German by Goethe.

1804 Edits Sir Tristrem by Thomas the Rhymer.

1806 Appointed Principal Clerk of Session.

1808 starts publishing-house with John Ballantine.

1811 Buys small farm on the River Tweed

1812 moves to farm on the River Tweed. this will later be the site for Abbotsford.

1813 Lord of the Isles published.

1814 Publication of his Waverley novels as the Great Unknown - his identity is not publicly acknowledged until 1827.

1815 Visits London, Paris, Waterloo.

1815 His novel Guy Mannering is published

1816 Publication of The Antiquary, Black Dwarf and Old Mortality.

1818 Rob Roy is published. Also published are Bride of Lammermoor and The Heart of Midlothian.

1819 Suffers from bouts of cramp.

1819 His mother dies.

1819 Publication of Legend of Montrose.

1820 Visits London, sits for Chantrey for a portrait bust.

1820 Publication of Ivanhoe, The Monastery and The Abbot.

1821 Attends the Coronation of George IV.

1821 Publication of Kenilworth.

1822 Organises visit of George IV to Edinburgh.

1822 Publication of The Pirate, The Fortunes of Nigel and Peveril of the Peak.

1823 Suffers his first stroke.

1823 Publication of Quentin Durward.

1824 Publication of St Ronan`s Well and Redgauntlet.

1825 Bankruptcy of Ballantine, his printer and Constable, his publisher.

1826 Lady Scott dies.

1826 Travels to France to research life of Napoleon.

1826 Publication of The Betrothed, The Talisman, Woodstock.

1827 Publication of Life of Napoleon Buonaparte and also Chronicles of the Canongate.

1828 Publication of The Fair Maid of Perth

1829 Publication of Anne of Geierstein

1830 Severe strokes in February and November. Resigns as Clerk of Session.

1831 Publication of Count Robert of Paris and Castle Dangerous

1831 Suffers another stroke in May.

1831 Sails on HMS Barham to Malta and Naples for health reasons. Has a cerebral haemorrhage.

1832 Resident in Naples, returns to Scotland via the River Rhine.

09/21/1832 Dies at Abbotsford




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